My Short Opinion About Windows Store Apps

I really like Windows 8. I like the improvements on the desktop side. I like the new start screen better than the old start menu. I like the WinRT technology, design and interactivity of the Windows Store apps. I love the cloud integration of the OS and apps. I believe this is the most user friendly OS for tablets on the WinStore apps side and the most user friendly and powerful OS on the desktop side.

I don’t really use any Windows Store apps though, since I don’t own a Windows 8 tablet and mostly use Windows on a (touch screen) laptop. I think this will be a great platform for games and I believe the AAA titles should and will come out in Windows Store and I will play some of them – perhaps even on my desktop machine since it has better GPU and cooling than my ThinkPad. For the apps on a laptop or desktop machine though – I think the desktop platform is still better. I like my apps in windows, system tray (or as Windows people like to call it – notification area) and I like having all of them on my screen and a consistent taskbar where I see all of them. On the desktop – I like seeing all my 100 open tabs in Chrome, 5 instances of Visual Studio, Outlook, etc. I like that I can play a video in a window and then continue listening to the video (or a webcast) while I move its window behind my Visual Studio window and continue working.

I think things might change – I would love if Microsoft added all the more line of business controls and WPF features to the WinRT platform – such as grid splitters, data grids, tree views etc. I would like to be able to develop windowed applications in WinRT, though I am afraid Microsoft is much more likely to insist on making the full-screen experience more powerful rather than supporting the good old lowercase windows.

I am excited for the future.


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