Problems with .NET Passport continue

First thing – I couldn’t register with MSN Messenger after I created a Passport.
I guessed the reason was that I had a question mark in my password.
I couldn’t find the change password link though, so I clicked the reset password thing.
I waited and I waited and I waited and no confirmation letter came, so I started looking again and finally found the option to change my password. I was right – it did let me log in with Messenger. Only it kept saying

(E-mail Address Not Verified)

with each post I’ve sent. I ignored that yesterday and played a bit with that piece of junk for a messaging app. Then this morning I got the password reset confirmation mail and I cancelled the process.

Sometime later I decided to do something with (E-mail Address Not Verified), so I googled a bit and found out I should write to the support, so I did that. And also later on (what a coincidence) I found out I could try to verify my e-mail with one of the MSN 7 (Beta) options. Only i didn’t get any mail. First thing I should have gotten a confirmation email briefly after registering and I didn’t get any. I’ve tried a few times with that Messenger option, but still no success. I even got a mail from support that they resent the confirmation mail and still nothing. I wonder where I’ll get that way…

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