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So… my first blog. What will I write here? Probably same stuff other devs write – a dev’s stuff. Maybe more.

I gotta admit, creating a blog with this here system is very easy and quite smart. I like smart software. Not when it tries to do stuff I might want to do but not necessarily do, but when it has what I expect – simple, fast and nice user interface with good customization options. That is also what I would like to create – software with smart human – computer interface. It is hopefully what most of my entries will concern.

Who am I? I’m a 24 year old EX(!)-IT-student in the midst of my master’s thesis project that I do at my work in a small IT company where I’ve been working for the last 2 years. During this time I’ve grown to become a dev who writes software only M$ systems and trying to get the most of them. I like Windows API because it’s close to the systems’ UI and allows for the most precise manipulation of its look and behaviour. Unfortunately it is also too complicated to build applications fast, so I’ve been using Borland C++ Builder for the RAD though I used clean WinAPI for anything more custom than clicking buttons and creating form layouts. Didn’t like MFC at all. The coming of .NET and Windows Forms changed a lot. For the last 5 months I’ve been working on a new small ERP (whatever oxymoronically it might sound) system that would replace the old one we had written. Windows Forms closed the gap I saw between Borland’s VCL and low level WinAPI. I’ve found some places where it still needs some work from the M$, but as with Builder – you can still call WinAPI functions when you need them. What is most important – C# forces good code organization and latest Visual Studio versions are really good developer’s environments. The only thing I’m really missing are random bookmarks in the code editor, that I used so extensively in Multi-Edit (that I used together with Watcom C++ compiler before) and with all the RTS game I played.

You can find some problems I had developing for Microsoft systems at:

My current work evolves mostly around creating a set of controls and a designer host to create forms for the ERP system’s data access, visualisation and manipulation. I’ve started my work by finding a decent Designer Hosting example at:
with a small discussion at:
It has some bugs and requires a lot of work to become usable, but is a good base.

Later on I found an open source of Sharp Develop, which might be a good reference example too, but I didn’t have the to read into it.

I can be contacted through Skype or mail, but that isn’t necessary I think?

Time to get back to work for now. Bye.

Filip Skakun, aka xyzzer

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