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Problems with .NET Passport continue

First thing – I couldn’t register with MSN Messenger after I created a Passport.
I guessed the reason was that I had a question mark in my password.
I couldn’t find the change password link though, so I clicked the reset password thing.
I waited and I waited and I waited and no confirmation letter came, so I started looking again and finally found the option to change my password. I was right – it did let me log in with Messenger. Only it kept saying

(E-mail Address Not Verified)

with each post I’ve sent. I ignored that yesterday and played a bit with that piece of junk for a messaging app. Then this morning I got the password reset confirmation mail and I cancelled the process.

Sometime later I decided to do something with (E-mail Address Not Verified), so I googled a bit and found out I should write to the support, so I did that. And also later on (what a coincidence) I found out I could try to verify my e-mail with one of the MSN 7 (Beta) options. Only i didn’t get any mail. First thing I should have gotten a confirmation email briefly after registering and I didn’t get any. I’ve tried a few times with that Messenger option, but still no success. I even got a mail from support that they resent the confirmation mail and still nothing. I wonder where I’ll get that way…

Everyday’s troubles with Microsoft .NET

Heh, I wanted to reset my .NET Password yesterday as soon as I registered, when it turned out I can’t log in to Windows Messenger with one that contains question marks and the confirmation mail was sent like 12 hours afterwards…

I thought their response time would be better than any other little site’s.

Anyways, I was planning to write something about problems with .NET API I had until now, but I don’t have the time, so I’ll just name them.

1. I found no way to access the dropdown list that pops below a combobox. I wanted a tooltip to show as I hover my mouse over the list showing the full text of an item below the cursor.

2. Poor options of controlling the ToolBar and MainMenu controls(?). What I miss the most is the ability to handle right-clicks on them and generally ToolBar buttons not being controls. A different issue is that ToolBar buttons seems kinda high when they got only text and no icons.

3. Most controls lacking some default drag and drop start event like TreeView has (TreeView.ItemDrag Event).

4. Poor options of arranging the Z-Order of controls. Control.SendToBack and Control.BringToFront aren’t really enough. When I wanted to add BringForward and SendBackward methods I had to use WinAPI’s GetWindow and SetWindowPos functions. Luckily the order of controls in Control(Form).Controls collection changes according to their Z-Order.

5. I tried to use the DataSource property of a ComboBox with a DataTable once. Unfortunately it turned out that it doesn’t work properly with the DropDownStyle set to DropDown. It wouldn’t update the Text property correctly as I write the text instead of chosing an item from the list. That’s when I decided to use AddRange instead and add a collection of data rows encapsulated in my own class that allows deciding which column is to be shown in the dropdown list and which to choose as a Text.

Windows Forms are good, but every time I want to handle something more complicated than entering text or changing selected items I find it missing in the API. Writing your own Controls might be the best choice in such occasions, but then you’re losing the advantage of XP visual styles… Well, maybe one day I will rewrite all of the controls so they act as I want them to and look like whatever I please.

try {new Blog(“xyzzer’s blog”).Initialize();} catch {return “To work…”;}

So… my first blog. What will I write here? Probably same stuff other devs write – a dev’s stuff. Maybe more.

I gotta admit, creating a blog with this here system is very easy and quite smart. I like smart software. Not when it tries to do stuff I might want to do but not necessarily do, but when it has what I expect – simple, fast and nice user interface with good customization options. That is also what I would like to create – software with smart human – computer interface. It is hopefully what most of my entries will concern.

Who am I? I’m a 24 year old EX(!)-IT-student in the midst of my master’s thesis project that I do at my work in a small IT company where I’ve been working for the last 2 years. During this time I’ve grown to become a dev who writes software only M$ systems and trying to get the most of them. I like Windows API because it’s close to the systems’ UI and allows for the most precise manipulation of its look and behaviour. Unfortunately it is also too complicated to build applications fast, so I’ve been using Borland C++ Builder for the RAD though I used clean WinAPI for anything more custom than clicking buttons and creating form layouts. Didn’t like MFC at all. The coming of .NET and Windows Forms changed a lot. For the last 5 months I’ve been working on a new small ERP (whatever oxymoronically it might sound) system that would replace the old one we had written. Windows Forms closed the gap I saw between Borland’s VCL and low level WinAPI. I’ve found some places where it still needs some work from the M$, but as with Builder – you can still call WinAPI functions when you need them. What is most important – C# forces good code organization and latest Visual Studio versions are really good developer’s environments. The only thing I’m really missing are random bookmarks in the code editor, that I used so extensively in Multi-Edit (that I used together with Watcom C++ compiler before) and with all the RTS game I played.

You can find some problems I had developing for Microsoft systems at:

My current work evolves mostly around creating a set of controls and a designer host to create forms for the ERP system’s data access, visualisation and manipulation. I’ve started my work by finding a decent Designer Hosting example at:
with a small discussion at:
It has some bugs and requires a lot of work to become usable, but is a good base.

Later on I found an open source of Sharp Develop, which might be a good reference example too, but I didn’t have the to read into it.

I can be contacted through Skype or mail, but that isn’t necessary I think?

Time to get back to work for now. Bye.

Filip Skakun, aka xyzzer